Software Distribution, Training and Mentoring

Newgrange is an authorised distributor of the Chasm Consulting suit of software, including PumpSimâ„¢ and VentSim Visualâ„¢ . These two products are the industry leading software for the design, simulation and optimisation of mine ventilation and mine water management.

In addition to software distribution, Newgrange can provide introductory level or custom designed training and mentoring in the application of Chasm Consulting's software. Training can be delivered on-site using client supplied data as part of the initial purchase of the software or as part of a broader implementation of the MPxQ or MINES process.

Newgrange's years of experience with the design and management of ventilation and mine water management projects can help your project achieve the maximum return on infrastructure investment with mentoring or peer review of the system. Clients have the opportunity to gain access to skill sets and experience that have proven ability to optimise their infrastructure network using the MINES process.