PumpSimTM training course completed for Newmont

Newgrange competed the first PumpSimTM training course for Newmont Mining in Denver, Colorado in early July 2015. The course comprised a day and half for the "Standard" version of the software.

The course included introductory sessions to introduce the functions of PumpSimTM and hands-on Tutorials to practice the functions outlined in the sessions.

An outline of the course is shown below:
Day 1 – Introduction to PumpSimTM
Session 1 –PumpSimTM Network Construction
Tutorial 1 – Constructing a Simple Network
Session 2 - Managing the Files, Data and Display
Tutorial 2 – Enhancing Networks
Session 3 – What if Scenarios
Tutorial 3 - Introduction to network optimisation and building a drainage network

Day 2 – Mine Water Systems and Workshop
Session 1 – Building Mine Water Systems
Session 2 & 3 – Mine Water System Workshop

The Mine Water System Workshop explored the recently completed "Proof of Concept" that built the mine water networks for supply, drainage and de-watering based on the project mine design. Newgrange would be please explore how the new PumpSimTM can benefit your operation by helping to minimise the operating and capital costs of the mine water system.

Some minors like to explore the more practical side of water systems.