Mining Study Management

Newgrange's years of experience with management of mining studies at all levels of confidence can help your project achieve the maximum return on the investment or provide a fresh set of eyes to review the mine design. In addition to delivering a range of feasibility studies, peer reviews and life of mine strategies, Newgrange has championed the development of innovative solutions for the challenges of mine planning processes, reserve/resource estimations and the analysis of mine services network.

Newgrange's expertise in mine planning can help identify the critical processes, map the process flow, determine the supplier-customer relationships and define roles/responsibilities that help complete a mining study on time and exceed the clients expectation. Our clients can benefit from the synergy of our knowledge and skills as well as theirs to help develop solutions for new projects, existing life of mine plans or network constraints and challenges.

Newgrange can provide assistance with the tender documentation and evaluations. In addition, Newgrange has an extensive network of affiliated mining professionals that provide a range of services that can extend Newgrange's capability in transparent and compatible environment.