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Newgrange at the 15th North American Mine Ventilation Symposium

Newgrange attended the 15th North American Mine Ventilation Symposium in Blacksburg, Virginia at the invitation of Chasm Consulting. The Symposium ran from the 20th to the 25th of June at Virginia Tech and was very well supported with an International contingent from many of the major mining communities.

For some participants this was the first chance to get a quiz the Ventsim VisualTM software developer, watch demonstrations of the latest release features and learn how the software can help their operations. This was also the first release of the new PumpSimTM software into the mining industry and received a very favourable review.

The Chasm Consulting booth was kept busy over the three day conference with inquiries and demonstrations from a range of participants. Perhaps one of the reasons for the keen interest was the Ipad prize for the competition for highest score on destroying a ventilation network using the “Flight Path” function.

PumpSimTM training course completed for Newmont

Newgrange competed the first PumpSimTM training course for Newmont Mining in Denver, Colorado in early July 2015. The course comprised a day and half for the “Standard” version of the software.

The course included introductory sessions to introduce the functions of PumpSimTM and hands-on Tutorials to practice the functions outlined in the sessions.

An outline of the course is shown below:

Day 1 – Introduction to PumpSimTM

Session 1 –PumpSimTM Network Construction
Tutorial 1 – Constructing a Simple Network
Session 2 – Managing the Files, Data and Display
Tutorial 2 – Enhancing Networks
Session 3 – What if Scenarios
Tutorial 3 – Introduction to network optimisation and building a drainage network

Day 2 – Mine Water Systems and Workshop

Session 1 – Building Mine Water Systems
Session 2 & 3 – Mine Water System Workshop

The Mine Water System Workshop explored the recently completed “Proof of Concept” that built the mine water networks for supply, drainage and de-watering based on the project mine design. Newgrange would be please explore how the new PumpSimTM can benefit your operation by helping to minimise the operating and capital costs of the mine water system.

Some minors like to explore the more practical side of water systems.

Coming Soon – the Launch of the Latest Chasm Consulting Software

Chasm Consulting will soon release the latest version of VentSim Visual (Version 4) that will include many new features to improve fan data input, new import file formats and many othe enhancements – see link to Chasm Software
The good news is that current Ventsim maintenance holders will be able to upgrade at no additional cost.
In addition, the final beta testing of PumpSim™ has been progressing well and the software is also expected to be available in the near future. Newgrange has been involved in the beta testing and is looking forward to the commercial release of the software.

PumpSim™ Proof of Concept commences for Newmont

Newgrange has been engaged to complete a “Proof of Concept” for Newmont Mining in Denver to demonstrate the features and benefits of the PumpSim™ software for mine water management. The initial work will build the mine water networks for supply, drainage and de-watering based on the project mine design.
PumpSim™can then be used to analyse the result flow information to help minimise the operating and capital costs of the system. The primary mine water gravity supply networks will model the water supply demand based on alternative schedules and mine equipment.
MIne water can then be delivered to de-watering network via mine drainage channels and drain holes. Pipe sizes can be optimised and specific pumps installed to check their suitability and estimate the overall costs of the system